Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tropical American Tree Farms Fraud

This blog is to supplement the fine timber blog on Investor's Hub. TATF in Costa Rica has not come through with what it projected for investors when they sent their money (nor any returns of any kind), and it continues to perpetuate untruths on its current promotions and website. The more facts about this company forum members obtain and post here, the better for all. This is a cautionary tale for all those who would invest overseas however ecologically and spiritually appealing the bait.



  1. Well I have been through the same problem. I keep thinking they will thin and never do or something about to much rain. No use waiting for 15 more years hoping it works out. I am thinking they will come up with another excuse. Not sure what can be done about this but it is getting attention from the public. At least it was not more $ invested but I am very disappointed in them.

  2. No change. No returns. See The situation continues. The company appears to be in default. See forum:

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